Location: Live in Canada (Kitchener/Waterloo area).
Price: $1000 preferably, but will stretch to $2500 (i know its a huge difference, but i've yet to find a guitar for under $1800 i've liked)
New/Used: doesn't make a difference to me - i dont care either way. used market isn't huge in my area so it'll most likely be new.
Style: everything from pop, rock, alternative, to metal... yes, i detune my acoustics and play my own unique style of metal with my buddies which incorporates and acoustic
Gigging: Yes, come winter
Studio Recording: Yes.

Background Story:
I've narrowed my search to two main guitars, but if there are others I absolutely must play before I buy, let me know. just for all those who will suggest them, I dont like Taylor, Martin and I especially hate Gibson. I just haven't found one to date that I have liked the overall package of (sound, feel, looks, price). I have fallen for these two guitars:

Breedlove: American C25 CRe (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Breedlove-American-Series-C25-CRe--Herringbone-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-423834-i1802592.gc#)
what concerns me however is that it might be too bass heavy. the highs arent as pronounced which translates to each string being a little less defined than my other top pick guitar when playing complex chords. the guitar at my local shop is $1800 btw

Stonebridge: G22CR-C (http://www.stonebridgeguitars.com/Catalog-Page-G22CR-C/Model-G22CR-C.html).
this guitar is currently on sale for $2050, and marked down from $2750 (no thats not MSRP. thats actually the price. i go in and play these almost weekly). its got a balanced sound, with each frequency coming across beautifully. this instrument sings beautifully. however i feel it might be a little lacking in the low end when using a pick. there's also no pickup which adds more expense to the already high price. i like large frets and this one has ones more on the smaller end. it does in no way make it harder to play, but its just a feel thing for me since both my electrics have larger frets.

A close competitor to these guitars for me is the Larrivee VL-03RE (http://www.long-mcquade.com/products/127/Guitars/Acoustic/Larrivee/LV-03RE.htm). Not going to talk much about this one, I think its my third favourite.

Anyway. I'd love to hear any opinions about what you guys think of these guitars. Which do you think has the worse cons?

As a deciding factor, I have about $1200 saved up currently. I might just go ahead and finance the guitar. If I go 1 year, there's its 0% (or very close to it) for most stores. I will have the money to afford these guitars by December. Do you think I should wait or go ahead with the finance?

(sorry for the wall of text)
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I think you'll be better off asking this on a forum with more activity. Try AGF , those guys and girls know loads and loads about expensive guitars like these.
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