im hoping this is the right place for this. what is "hot rodding"? ive heard the term used in association with amps and pups and i dont know what it means so could somebody answer this for me?
It's a vague catch-all term for any mod that makes an amp higher gain. Usually it means adding a gain stage to the preamp--for instance, Randall Smith, before starting Mesa, made a living by hot-rodding Fenders, and Mike Soldano did the same with Marshalls. I've never, ever heard of a hotrodded pickup, though.
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Sometimes people refer to an overwound pickup as hot-rodded but the term usually refers to guitars and amps if it's had some sort of mod to make it harder or more distorted. It can also be used in terms of looks too, the term originated with tuning up cars... It's pretty vauge though.