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Im talking about when songs are about politics/religion like rage against the machine, I like them but I know some of there songs if not all of them are about politics. I personally don't like it and think more songs should be like the JB song and just say baby a thousand times. What do you think? Please don't get into a argument about politics or religion.
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Quote by ampoverload
I dont care. I dont really pay attention to the lyrics specifically

^Same here
It depends, RATM I don't mind as much because it fits music. But if it's somerthing like As Cities Burn or whatever that just throws in "Jesus blah blah" or any other religious/political message, I just find it obnoxious and unnecessary.


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As long as the song is good, and the subject is talked about tastefully, I'm okay with it.
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As long as it's not in-your-face. For example, I agree with some points, but as a whole, I'm not a big Ayn Rand fan. I do love 2112 though. Conversely, even though I didn't like Bush for much more than admiration for his conviction to stick true to his beliefs even when myself and so many other Americans disagreed so strongly, I haven't listened to American Idiot more than once in years.

It's the same as any artistic tool - If it's used tastefully, it's very nice. If it's used excessively, nine of ten times, it's going to be bland, because there's nothing else there.

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If it's a good song, it doesn't really matter. If the people singing actually believe in what they're saying, then good for them.
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Dude if politics weren't in songs a hell of a lot of punk rock would not exist. If politics didn't exist in songs bands like NoFX and Anti-Flag would pretty much be irrelevant.
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It really all depends on how it's delivered. If you're not faking it, I'll probably welcome something different from my view (every band at some point), and I respect the balls to get specific with what/who you're attacking (RATM) as much as I respect a good general political/religious song (some of Bob Dylan).

Hey, it's not like your spouting your views means I have to agree with it, I can just as easily enjoy a great melody and honest feel/interesting perspective set to words I disagree with (Johnny Cash, specifically how much ironic love I have for his rendition of "God's Gonna Cut You Down" when I'm agnostic), unless it's so obnoxiously bad musically and the lyrics present your views in a dumb/uninteresting way (Ted Nugent as of late... actually that has a lot more to do with him than "Cat Scratch Fever," which is all I really know of his work and like, so I take that back. I couldn't think of a specific example off-hand).

That being said, I have to be in the mood for it, but that's obvious. There aren't a whole lot of calming tunes set to radical political messages.
I like it if there's some interesting perspective being expressed, or if it's done well enough to make me empathise or identify with it. If someone's beliefs are being self-righteously vomited directly into my ears, I don't like it.

EDIT: I appear to have said exactly the same thing as everyone else, but with the words in a slightly different order.
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as long as the lyrics have "substance", it's cool for me, those lyrics can be about ANYTHING.

substance is the most important thing on lyrics, if you know what am I talking about.
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I don't like it at all.

I listen to a lot of music that has political lyrics that I don't necessarily agree with or I'd rather not listen about, like the Exploited, System of a Down and Lamb of God, and it bothers me that people can't seem to write about general stuff anymore, it seems like it has to have some sort of political or moral message to it.

I prefer bands that just write about normal stuff, like the Macc Lads whose songs are all pretty much about beer and sex and they make me laugh. I listen to music to enjoy it, not to listen to some bullshit lecture. Even if a band writes about a certain theme, like Immortal, I prefer that to political lyrics.
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Being an agnostic, I welcome both religious and anti-religious songs. And most politically driven songs are written by socialists anyway, so I don't have a problem with that.
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Quote by sfaune92
Being an agnostic, I welcome both religious and anti-religious songs. And most politically driven songs are written by socialists anyway, so I don't have a problem with that.

Wait what? When did this happen?
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I don't see any point in limiting the subjects that you can write songs about, so to me it's all good, although it does get a bit boring when a band constantly writes about the same subjects all the time.
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Wait what? When did this happen?

Well, I'm an agnostic theist, that adheres to Christianity to some extent. Sorry for not specifying enough.
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i dont care what a band writes about as long as it isnt forced or lame. i hold bands that write about love or anything else really to the same standards as i do that bands that write about politics or religion.
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I generally dislike songs that seem like they're trying too hard to come across as 'deep'. A lot of these tend to be political

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I like it. But I prefer lyrics about killing things or playing guitar really loud. You know, things that really matter.

To be fair.

I have a hard time liking music with shitty or generic lyrics. So yes, political and religious ideas and lyris are very welcome as long as they are well written. I prefer lyrics with a purpose to the likes of AC/DC lyrics.
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wow Im surprised how many people picked like. I just wish more bands were like Nine Inch Nails where I don't know what the songs are about because the music is so good and even if some of there songs are about politics or religion the music is so good I don't care.
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Quote by beefcake122
I like it when they share my views.

Yeah but to me that seems like that never happens.
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Quote by NIN1993
Yeah but to me that seems like that never happens.

If you're super rebellious or an extremist liberal, it's pretty common. Unless of course you're rather conservative, but there are more people who listen to indie/punk/etc on here than country/folk.

I love Rise Against and Lupe Fiasco, but sometimes it's almost unbearable to listen to their songs because of how slanted the lyrics are, ie "Words I Never Said" by Lupe Fiasco and half of Rise Against's new album
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As long as I agree with what they're saying and I like their music

EDIT: Nevermind. Probably wasn't needed. Strayed from the OP.
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I hate it when people use their music to try and push their political/religious agendas. Bugs the crap out of me.
Lyrical content isn't the most important, but good lyrics are nice to have in a song.

If the music sucks, then I won't listen to it. If the singing sucks, then I won't listen to it. If the lyrics suck, but the singing is amazing, I will listen to it.

It's not all about the lyrics, and I do enjoy the odd "**** Politics" song, but i listen to a lot of death metal and thrash metal, so it's either about dead bodies or **** this train of thought, or **** that train of thought.
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One of my favorite bands is Choking Victim, so yes I like some politics. I don't mind religion either. In fact, religious messages really interest me, so long as it isn't "GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD" ... but **** those bands for being bland.
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I don't really mind tbh. Some bands do Politics really well (Megadeth, Iron Maiden, and even though I'm gonna get flamed to hell and back for this, Linkin Park) and some do Religion really well (Iron Maiden's AMOLAD was about both religion and war, and I suppose Alter Bridge's last album questions religion).

As long as the band writes a song that has meaning instead of just going "Religion/Politics is shit lol" I'm happy. I like songs like Dream Theater's "In the Name of God" and Iron Maiden's "For the Greater Good of God", which question what people would do for religion.
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