So I'm getting a tiny terror amp head, but I'm unsure which cab to go for. Obviously the orange 1x12 is the most logical but I've heard good things if you mix it with a vox cab, can anyone shed some light on this or offer a better suggestion?

1x12 cab necessary for ease of transport.

the orange isn't the best 112 for easy transport, but it is a damn good cab. it's slightly oversized but fits anywhere most 212s would. it's not that big, just making a comparison.

for what kind of music?

i'd say a major difference between the orange cab and a vox cab (assuming you mean a NT112) would be the open back on the vox. although literally everything is different, internal dimensions, thickness of the sides and back, grill, etc.

so the good things you may have heard is that the greenback in the vox cab, with an open back gives the orange more top end.

i found the closed back orange, with basket weave grill took some highs out of the tone when i compared the same head to a open back cab.

the TT probably likes the greeny in the NT112 as well, they should match up nicely although i've not tried that.

you'd really want to test it at band volume to see how the open back sits there. you may end up wanting to tuck a empty guitar case behind it to close off a better portion of the back. it's tough to say without trying it.
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