So I'm going through a guitar technique crisis right now, for the past 3 years I've been playing with a grip that varies between the baseball bat grip and classical grip like so.

Do take note, I only use this grip for the treble strings and as soon as I fret the bass strings I use the classical grip.

Now, this has always worked for me and I can do pretty fast runs but lately I've been trying to use a purely classical grip even for the treble strings as recommended by the 'classical' method. However, from the 2nd picture, my wrist tends to hurt a lot when fretting even small stretches like that one with the thumb behind the neck. I never had this sort of wrist pain with the baseball grip I used to use.

Is this normal? Will the pain eventually go away if I stick with it, or am I causing damage to my wrist? The main reason I'm shifting towards a purely classical grip is because I intend on attending music college soon and I need to get my technique right.
No to latch on to your thread, but I have the same grip, and a similar problem. My wrist hurts the most when tapping on the bass strings, so I would be also interested in the anwser to this question
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I'm always playing in a classical position, it is just natural to me now that I'm really used to it. I have sometimes little wrist pain, that happen when I don't warm up properly.
Make sure that you are not tense in your left arm/wrist, this may be one of the cause of your wrist pain too. Putting too much strenght on the fretboard with your fingers may cause pain too.

So, don't be tense in your arm/wrist/fingers, and have a good warm up.

I hope it helps
I'm pretty sure it isn't supposed to hurt your wrist at all, I play similar to the first picture but usually just for rhythms. But honestly I can't say I ever remember my wrist hurting except for my picking hand when I'm playing some Slayer or something.
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I play with my thumb over my neck for 85% of the time (a nice, tensionless, straight wrist).

Only for the 2 bass snares (or powerchords) i lower my thumb a little, and i turn it to the left because in this way my wrist is almost as straight and its very relaxing.

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