I've played acoustic mainly for 8 years, but I've been playing electric more lately and upgraded my pedalboard. I know some cues and tips about arranging them; try to keep the tone vacuums towards the end and the distortion should be before any delay and wah first, but as for EQ and the other small things, I could use some of your input and knowledge and appreciate it.

Current setup (in order of what my pedalboard is presently wired)

-Morley Wah
-Boss Equalizer
-Electro Harmonix Bass Booster
-Danelectro Tuna Melt Tremolo
-Son of Hyde Distortion
-Boss Flanger
-Boss Tuner (tone vacuum)
-Boss DS-1 (I use solely as a dynamics booster, not my priority distortion pedal)
-Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
-TC Electronics Nova Repeater Delay

If you think it's good, let me know. If there is something you would do differently, I'd really appreciate if you tell me and please explain the reasoning behind it. Thanks!
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I'd move your EQ to the other side of your wah, your distortion right after your wah, have the volume and tuner at the begining (am I not correct to think that ernie ball VP has a tuner out? If so, use that)
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