Hello, So I've had my GSR200 for about 4months now, and i have noticed the 6th fret on the E is buzzing like mad. but this irritating fret buzz don't come through the amp. Any ideas what it is caused by or how to solve it. It isn't affecting my sound its just a little off putting.

Many Thanks
Ibanez' basses are great but their necks do require setups more often than other basses I have played. In the FAQ is a good write up, but since you are new to the instrument I would recommend getting it done by a shop before trying it yourself (get them to show you how they do bridge or neck adjustments for next time ).

If you changed strings recently and changed the gauge of the string, this could also be a cause of fret buzz.

Finally, if it has done this from the beginning, you may have a uneven fret. Again a good tech should be able to sot it out.