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When I plug in and turn on the gain channel through the amp alone I get a bad hiss when the volume is at 3 or more, it also increases or decreases depending on the position of my tone knob. No real feedback until I activate the OD pedal. It's fine if I have the volume under 1 but at 2 or 3 the feedback is terrible. If I turn the level down on the pedal it is better.

What is causing this and how can I get rid of it?//
You can get a Boss NS-2. It's kinda expensive but I'm sure you can find a cheaper version.
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Eliminate the gear one by one until you find the source.


Try to vary the position of the amp and your own position in relation to the amp.


Use the feedback in your playing :-)
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+1 for he noisegate being the answer!
I have used the wylde overdrive for some time now and although it's a great pedal it's NOISY!!! This coupled with a gain channel on the amp is feedback hell! (or heaven?) :-)
The hiss your getting is from the amp itself.
To eradicate the feedback from the pedal, you need to put a noisegate/suppressor (boss ns2, mxr smartgate, ISP decimator, rocktron hush....) after the overdrive pedal, before your amp input. To lose the hiss, you need a gate/suppressor in the amps effects loop, if it has one.
It is possible to use one pedal to do both these things, the boss ns2 in x-connection ( google it for diagrams ) or the ISP decimator g string.
I, however use the ns2 in my effects loop for amp noise reduction and a rocktron hush I front to kill the feedback from pedals etc. This way, I have more control on the individual settings etc.

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I have an RP255 multieffects pedal by digitech that has a noise gate in it. If that does'nt work I guess I will look a sttompbox.
try diming the volume on the OD pedal, and turn the gain down to 0-20%, flavor to taste with the tone knob. i have always had better results with running OD's that way when boosting an amp.
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Ya I have to try turning the gain down and see.

Buddy at work plays guitar (better than me and knows about gear more than I do) He said a noise suppressor sucks the tone out of your guitar? He says an EQ is better?
Correction, not so good noise suppressors suck tone. Buy the bog standard ISP decimator. If you're looking to elimate feedback and amp hiss, buy the ISP g string. Alternatively you can buy a BOSS NS-2 and use the X patter although personally I'd get the ISP.
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