Hey, we really appreciated the vote. Our thread was closed because somehow, introducing new people to your band and enlisting them to vote for you doesn't fall under the definition of PROMOTION. Makes complete sense. Anyway, I checked out your band, Shadowmind and even though it's been awhile since I was in a Metal-state-of-mind, I thought it was great.

I've been getting raped thoroughly by satellite internet, so I only got to listen to "Rebirth", but the production was f*cking sweet. The vocals are vicious and consistent. Really dug the more clean voice coming through as well, really added a nice dynamic between the two. There are so many influences shining through in this song alone, it was really good stuff. The lead guitar in the background around 2:00 reminded me a bit of Syn, and that's a compliment because I actually like A7X. If you don't like them, you might take that as an insult. Please don't.

Really one of the more professional and tight groups I've heard on here in the genre of hardcore music. The transition starting round 3:17 was perfectly placed. Drummer's got a handle on the double bass, that's for dam sure. All in all, you guys are winning.

To anyone else reading this, check out Shadowmind and enjoy some Norwegian metal!
Oh, thank you very much for all of that! If someone reading this lives in Norway, we will announce a Norwegian tour in a couple of days.

Once again, thank you.
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