I recently made a tab for the song "Hollow" by Parkway Drive because I noticed there was only one on the site and it was highly incorrect. The tab wasn't in the right tuning, it was missing random parts throughout the song, and I'm pretty sure the bass was just way off. Not trying to flame whoever made the tab because it was an excellent try at the song, I'm just wondering why my tab isn't up. I've submitted it twice to the website, once as anonymous, then once with this account. I'd like to get my, as I believe, correct tab up and help fellow Parkway Drive fans learn their songs.

When I submitted it both times I was told it would take 48 hours or more. It has been two weeks since I first submitted it, one week since the second time I submitted it.

Any suggestions to help get my tab up? Or why my tab isn't going up?
It has to be approved. I'll go see if i can find it and look at it. Was it regular tab, Guitar pro or powertab