I am looking around for a new guitar (or used) and im stuck in my choice. I own a Ibanez RG420 EG Bio Armor, love the thing to death excellent sound, but Its a pain in the butt to tune every time i want to change up my genre. So I want a good guitar to set in Drop C. I have play many Ibanez and a few Schecters. I really love the Schecter Damien FR and the other Ibanez RG guitars what are some reviews and opionions?
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I guess since you have an Ibby you could go for the Schecter just to switch it up. I prefer Ibanez in general over Schecter though. I had a Schecter Omen and I just didn't like the shape of the neck. And the neck joint was really beefy so it was hard to get up to the higher frets. The Wizard necks on the Ibanez RGs on the other hand are awesome. And their neck joint is tapered so it's really easy to reach up to the 24th fret.
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Never played a ibby but my hellraiser is awesome. The neck is smooth, has great access to all 24 fret's the emg's are great imo. Overall a really great guitar for the price.
i have the Damien 6 and its been an amazing workhorse for me. Ive had it for about 4 years. Fret access has never been a problem for me and i play a lot of Avenged Sevenfold type solos. I would advise it
if you really like your ibanez, get a second one. i know alot of people will say change it up (which I am a fan of), but if you want 2 guitars to be in different tunings (as opposed to 2 guitars for vastly different applications), I would go with 2 similar guitars
If you like medium-thin necks, get the Schecter. If you want to stick exclusively with ultra-thin necks, stick with Ibanez. ESP-LTD are another worthwhile option, their necks are halfway between Schecter and Ibanez. Otherwise there is very little difference. Almost all of these 'metal brands' are made in the same couple of factories, you're getting the same quality and the same parts just with different headstocks.