Looking into buying some Evans Hydraulic Drum Heads . If anyone has these drum heads, could you please answer the following questions?

1. How long have you had them?
2. How do they sound on your kit?
3. What size are your toms?
4. What style of music do you play?
5. (Optional) Could you maybe post a video on YouTube of a sound check with them on?

Well a little while back I used a hydraulic for the bass drum...wasn't quite my style, too "
dead." When I first started with lessons, my old teacher had Hydraulics on the students set. Again, they really didn't "sing", too muffled for me. They sandwich a layer of oil stuff between the heads which really kills a lot of the tone I look for in a good head. Although, I've a hunch you may be into punk (I may be wrong...). If that is the case, these heads will suit you quite well because they do have the attack, but rather quick decay, which a punk drummer would most likely need...

1. Had the bass head about 2 months, changed it out not because it was beat (still had life left) but because wasn't the sound I was after. Drum teacher had these heads on the students practice kit, they were on there a good 5 months (WITH several students playing them a day...durability is great.
2. Didn't sound bad, just wasn't what I was looking for. Strong attack, quick decay with very little overtones (good or bad), didn't "sing". Again, not what I'm looking for.
3. Well I used a 22" bass. Teacher's kit was like 12", 13", & 16" plus 22" bass
4. Primarily Rock I guess? ...but I like a real warm, open, big drum sound. I tend to tune a little tight, like a Jazz set would be tuned.
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Yes, I am into punk music and these heads sound like they're exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks