I was hoping some people could share some angry sad lyrics (not oh my life is so bad time to cut myself, my life is so bad time to cut some other people lyrics)

I find its very easy to write self pitying lyrics but a bit harder to write lyrics that are angry

The only thing vaguely good enough I have so far are:

I think I've heard about enough
So suck it up and **** right off
We all will have our cross to bear
It's time you pulled your ****ing share

Don't jump for joy you'll hit the ground
Don't look for me I can't be found
It's easy to look the other way
It's harder to live a single day day
The hurt you've caused is not okay
So just ****ing die and go away
its piss to write angry lyrics, just watch the news before doing it.
Um what genre are you trying to write lyrics for. I don't typically write or listen to "angry" music per say.

Give "Radio" by Alkaline Trio a listen. It's an "angry" song I guess without sounding like one. Has a fun melody to it.

Also if you're more into metal/hardcore or however you want to categorize it I'm pretty sure the bands Terror and Throwdown have some pretty angry stuff.
Honestly, no real trick to it. Just think about things that get you riled. Helps for me if I outline a bit of a story beforehand so I'm not just getting unfiltered anger spilling out.