Quick example -
Dbmin7 chord - Root, flat 3rd, perfect 5th, flat 7th.
Db (Root note), Fb (b3), Ab (5), Cb (b7)

I know an Fb and Cb dont "really" exist, but naming them an E or a B would infer the note was a 2nd interval and 6th interval respectively instead of a 3rd and 7th like the chord make-up states.
So is it correct to obey the format to the extent of keeping notes alphabetically correct (taken from their major scale order) even when you think it would be 'easier' to name them E and B.

To clarify
Db major scale -
Db Eb F Gb Ab Bb C Db

Sayin it was an E would infer it was a 2nd interval. Where as stating it as a variant of F keeps it as a 3rd interval therefore sticking to the rule of a min7 chord.
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
String bend for the practical side? haha.
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.