So I'm chillin', playing some acoustic stuff, when all of a sudden my A string pops right where it hits the bridge. It looks like the core just snapped and then it came unwound where it snapped. But what the hell? I mean I was strumming rather intensely, but most of the pressure wouldn't even have been on that string. I've been trying different brands of strings lately and these are Elixers, so I guess I just need to buy better strings or something. Though I've only had them on for like 2 weeks. But any clue why this would happen? I mean on the A string? The others all seem fine. Also, am I better off only changing the one that broke or changing all of them just so I keep them wearing evenly? Thanks!
maybe you should take a look at your brige, maybe the bridge has an sharp edge or something
Elixers can be very inconsistent from one batch to the next. If this hasn't happened before I wouldn't worry too much about it.
strings just break, it happens:P try d'addario strings, i like them alot, and i almost never break strings, i change them every 1 - 2 months on my main guitar though:P

and i always change the whole set, so they all have the same sound.
This is the only way I've ever "broken" strings. It's cause by the intense strumming, and I've had random ones pop that i didn't think i was even playing. So i would say let up some... and personally I'd only change the one string if you"re only 2 weeks into that set (depending on how many hours a day you play).