let me know what you guys think

autumn leaves fall to the ground
just like the tears from your face
they hit the ground with such a defening sound
with every drop my heart slowly broke

summer rains pour from the sky
like the love from my heart
it could not be contained for you
but you never saw it that way

winters snow cover the earth
like your face did my dreams
i could not forget you at all
but you forgot me

now the seasons change
and apparntly we do too
i thought youd never leave me alone
i was wrong yea i was wrong

dont leave me please dont leave
i need you here i need you here
There are a few grammatical and spelling errors you should clean up. I think the first stanza I struggled the most with....this line in particular "they hit the ground with such a defening sound." I feel like you have to remove ground or even sound and replace them with a synonym or something to break the monotony. Maybe try earth, or dirt, think of something to spice it up a bit.
The whole piece doesn't really fit cohesively for me, it feels a bit out of sync at times. I think you have a good idea here, just go back and try to think of more creative or interesting ways to say the same things you're already saying. Good luck!
Not the most original, and I agree with BoyLilikoi. I do like the second stanza...bittersweet to be sure.
I like it, although it's pretty hard to write about the things change/seasons idea without becoming really cliche....I've tried.