I've already posted here recently, but that project has become an acoustic duo and I really have a certain passion for progressive metal (i.e. - some DT, Fates Warning & anything John Arch).
I'm looking to start a serious progressive metal band, and I don't care if it's online or not, I just need the right musicians. I need a singer, bassist, keyboard/synth player and possibly a drummer (depending on the answer I get from someone who I got in contact with earlier in the year). Most of the complex/fast soloing would go to everyone other than me (since I'm more of a rhythm guitarist), but the songs would be lengthy & have time signature/key signature changes, I'd prefer to avoid tempo changes (unless it's playing 1/2 time or double time).

anyone interested, email me at maniac-guitarist@hotmail.com with an recording of you playing/singing and the position you want.
i'm looking for a prog metal project too, something serious, and with great musicians. I'll send u an email later with all my info cheers !!
ok, I'll be checking my emails. I arleady have a drummer, so I'll just need bass, keys and vocals.