First of all, even though i was never the most active or memorable user here, i'd like to say hey to everyone since i haven't been around for a while.

So, hi guys

Now ill get to the point and stop wating yer time:

In about a month or so ill be traveling to the US for a short vacation, and hopefully ill be able to get a new guitar.

So without further ado, le notes:

Budget: about 1300 dollars, maybe 1400
Genres: Alternative (pearl jam, the smashing pumkpins and the like), hard rock (Ac/Dc, GnR for example), punk/hardcore and Metal, both classic, thrash and a wee bit of melodeath.

Used could work for specific Ebay auctions that ship worldwide only, i would just ship it here (to Israel) instead of buying a guitar there.

Also, the gear in my sig isn't properly updated- I've purchased a Blackstar Ht-20, an ESP LTD Phoenix-1000 and a Ibanez TS-9.

So far, since i've been wanting a strat (damn you Corgan ) i've thought about getting a MIA strat and switch the bridge pickup to a Dimarzio Fast track 2 and the neck to an Air Norton S.

So guys, what ideas do you have to offer?
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Strats might not get you the metal tone youre looking for, but for anything up to Rock they're absolutely excellent.
Ibanez can be good at your price range (used prestige). They are FAST guitars, and sounds great for metal. Just make sure it has decent hardware/pups before purchase. (depending on price)
Now I know everyone is going to say this, but Gibsons are great for rock/metal. IMO Strats sounds better for blues and light rock, but Gibsons have a heavy body advantage. Plus a Neck Humbucker. SG is good for classic rock and metal, but a Les Paul would get you more modern tones I think.

By the way, a Blackstar HT-20 is a GREAT amplifier. Get a couple nice Effect Pedals, and you'll have yourself a near-perfect for under 1000 rig.

Take in consideration the tones you want.
Smoother/darker tones = Humbuckers, heavier, denser types of wood.
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Oh dear, i already messed up.

I forgot to mention that i don't want the wizard kind of necks- oo thin for me.
I'd like to avoid locking tremolos (FR and the like)

sorry for not posting that earlier
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Oh thats fine. In this case, I think Schecter, PRS, or Gibson LP's would be your best bet. The Schecter Custom Custom is a great guitar.

And I get what you mean about Floating Trems, im not fan either.
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~.:.ESP LTD H-1001FM.:.~
~.:.Peavey Vypyr 15W.:.~
~.:.DigiTech RP355.:.~
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1300 won't get you to a USA made Les Paul Custom. But it can get you a nice USA made Strat. Look for one that has a humbucker in the pickup position. You can use pickup selector positions 1 and 2 to get all of that "strat goodness". But if you need to wail and get some crunch, you can flip it to the five spot and let the bridge humbucker take care of business.
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