hey, saw a guy who got his gear nicked from his studio, thought i'd post it up in case anyones seen it or someone tried to post it on here or other sites to sell

help spread it around if you can

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There is a special section in hell for people that people that do things like this. It was his main for 43 years for crying out loud!
Alright people, Move along - there is nothing to see.
"Or so you think..."
What wankers, hope they get caught and the guy gets his stuff back
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Thats bad, bet the thief doesn't realise what its worth and sells it for next to nothing as well.
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I did it in the church confession booth. i jizzed all over the mesh in an attempt to hit the priest.
Poot guy. Those losers need the crap beat out of them to within an inch of their life.
I've heard stories where heroin addicts sell 1976 les pauls for $50. shits crazy. some drug dealer buys it and it sits in his closet. the junky gets next to nothing, while the owner is left to cry. seems like all 3 people loose in that situation. very sad.
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