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That top result was a piece of crap, hardly a documentary, it's just people talking about how awesome he was, no details, just people fapping to his playing.
If you would consider a book A Room Full of Mirrors was good, most movies aren't very detailed, there are a lot of DVD's of his performances, but so far all the documentaries aren't excellent when it comes to details.

Jimi Hendrix: The Complete Story was average, (I'm not positive this is the right title), but it was the only one that fit the description I remember with interviews with Leon Hendrix (Jimi's brother). This was cool to watch to see the interviews, but I mean it was really just a bunch of guys including Leon just saying how cool Jimi was as a person and guitarist.

I'd say if you are looking for real solid information find a researched biography like I mentioned above, but if you want movies I'd recommend any of the live performances, but haven't seen an excellent documentary.

To sum up what you'll learn from that documentary Jimi was a poor kid from a broken family, took up guitar in his teens, from then on that's all that he did and was very good. I'm serious that's all you'll learn, but you'll hear some cool stories from guys who knew Jimi.
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If I remember right one episode of "the seven ages of rock" was a good documentary on him.
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I think there's a Dick Cavett interview on youutube.
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check out the biography channel's Voodoo Child .
2 hrs all taken from his own diaries , letters , interviews .