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Yes, I love
23 10%
Yeah, I don't mind it
64 27%
Not really a big fan of it
85 36%
I loathe it with a burning passion
64 27%
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So UG-er's, who out here enjoys going clubbing/goes clubbing regularly?

State whether you enjoy it or not, and if so why you like/dislike it

Personally I'm not a fan of clubbing
I dislike the music (unless it's by pendulum or the prodigy...or if it's like Mosh nightclubs...which play metal every now and again)
I'm not really a fan of the atmosphere
I'm generally too poor to go out
And it's near impossible to get home from going clubbing where all my friends go

Tbh if I want to get pissed I'll go to a mates house play some guitar and ravage a local community college

So other opinions?
I do not go clubbing mostly because I do not dance. The only time I went to a club I just stood there looking awkward...but I eventually found my way to the bar so.
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Eh, it'd be more enjoyable if the baby seals would put up more of a fight.
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Eh, it'd be more enjoyable if the baby seals would put up more of a fight.

so true
I love clubbing so much, I'd go every night if I could afford it.
I do go clubbing, but most of the time i only go to clubs that i know would play some music that i like, although if pubs were open as late as clubs, i don't think i would go clubbing that often.

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I think given the music and friends i'd enjoy it.

I was actually with friends at a bar at night, that later turns into a club. We were enjoying drinks on the balcony outside, and they did put on some good songs - but the majority were awful. I like the atmosphere, especially when you're a bit gone. But again, the majority of people at clubs aren't really the kind of people i hang around with.
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Nah, I prefer just getting drunk
I like some of the music, but I get edgy when in confined spaces with lots of people. I prefer pubs
🙈 🙉 🙊
Dunno, haven't really done it much. I'm not a fan of dancing, but I think in the dark, with the crowds and the music crazy loud and the lights, I can deal with it for an evening.
I don't see the enjoyment in it TBH. I don't see how you can enjoy being in a cramped space, with music too loud to talk to any one, no where to sit down, expensive drinks and getting flirted with all night by girls who look like hookers, who don't want anything more than free drinks. Some one explain to me how this is fun!
Not really a fan of clubbing. I usually like to use my sword and disembowl men, but sometimes I have to use daggers. I used daggers when I killed the King.

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Been once.. didn't like it at all. A nice quiet cup of tea and the schedule on Dave is more than enough to keep me entertained in the weekend.
Meh... the flashing lights and loud music makes it impossible to be in one of them since I am visually impaired and rely a lot more on my ears.
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I prefer a dive bar and some drunk bar floosies personally. Something about being all cramped up listening to garbage music isn't that appealing. But clubbing seals beats everything any day of the week.
Not a big fan. I would prefer just hanging out with some friends at a house or something.
Never been. I'm not one of those people who think clubbing is dumb or for losers, but I'm hesitant about it simply because I don't drink or dance.
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I have been to a few. The ones that have a good DJ and play something other than trance and top 40 are very enjoyable. I like the clubs were the people are there for the music, not just to get drunk and dance like a tit.
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But most of them of full are right twats dancing to BEP or Rihanna getting pissed on WKD phiss water.
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Yeah, I enjoy it. It's fun to get dressed up and go on a nice night out.
That's definitely true, and you and I should know.

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Haven't had molly yet, so I haven't had a chance to really enjoy it yet.
The only club I really go to is Fibbers in my city, on Fridays and Saturdays they have Up The Racket (indie & rock night) and Stone Love (rock n roll/punk/indie/everything rockish night). Really good atmosphere.
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I've had a night out on the town a couple of times, it's a good experience. Music isn't my thing but it doesn't bother me, I just go to have a good time with friends and drink something different than the usual ale or lager in a pub.
I strongly dislike alcohol and dancing. So, no, I hate it.
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It's alright if you're really plastered. It's a strange atmopshere because the music is so loud you pretty much have to display and be judged on your non-verbal features like body language. I can't really dance so that doesn't help, and don't really have the desire to but I'm not that social so it's a happy medium. For me it's somewhere you go after you drank at home or another bar and want to bring some easy pussy back home with you.
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I can imagine enjoying it if it wasn't being in an expensive bar with sticky floors, terrible music and complete tools populating every inch you step.

If at least one of those things were to be removed from the equation I think it'd be okay....well...if you count the "expensive bar with sticky floors" as one thing because sticky floors are passable.
Like, the people are always the same, always completely lame and there purely to waste their money, get drunk, throw up a bit, get a kebab then cry, so that they can wake up and be like "OH MY GOD LAST NIGHT WAS AMAZING". If they were cool, like only once has someone hung out with me in a mutual manner when I've been in a club.
Usually, if it's a guy, the only time he'll speak to you is if he wants change, wants a fight, or has some drunken ramblings.
If it's a girl, the only time she'll speak to you is, to take the piss, to try to get you into a fight, or do be drunk and handsy (not in the good way). There's never anyone who's just cool in these places.

I can't complain about the prices really, cos it's all business, all I can complain about is my lack of money.
And how whenever I've been out clubbing it's been with middle class rich people so they expect me to have the cash to go all night cos for some reason they don't understand the aspect of not having rich parents.

But yeah, the music is always bad...like not in that "Ergh, I only like metal, if it doesn't have drop C it's not good" way. I enjoy electronic music, but it's always really lame electronic music.
Only once have I enjoyed the music in a club, and that was when they played Superstition by Stevie Wonder, then Brickhouse by The Commodores one after the other, but they were played as novelties as opposed to actual tunes.

...it might just be my area or the UK or something, but the point is majorly missed by anyone I've seen clubbing.
Being around other people? Pass.
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A "friend" of mine's uncle owns a club, so whenever I want, I can just go with him, get in, and have some free champagne and whatever drinks I want. Also, drunk bitches want to go VIP. So I don't have to dance.

Downside is, I kinda hate this guy, 'cos he's a stereotypical Jersey douchebag
Do not drive. Would love to go though... Then again who needs to go clubbing when you have college parties, right? Hahaha
Hanging out with more than two people is very stressful to me, I don't think I'd handle clubbing well lol.
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