Hey I have been playing for about 3 years now I have owned a few lower end guitars...very old yamaha acoustic, danelectro dc59 reissue, ibanez :S not sure of model, and a nice ibanez 12 string (not very lower end but now im looking electric)

So looking at my danelectro I really like the simplicity of it, just with enough parts to get the job done...but I want to step up to something with a bit better sound, versatility and durability.

The reason I chose telecaster:
1. I like the bright sound
2. similar style to the danE
3. from what I hear its a durable guitar, not that I'm going to break it >.>
4. I am more of a blues/rock guitarist, not so much country, but the other guitarist in my band has a strat..
5. also I am going for a more psycadellic sound and I have heard some interesting sounds come from a tele...Jimmy Page, Tiger Merritt, Keither Richards....
6. seems a good tele is cheaper than a good strat or gibson which is probably the other possibility

so with that said I pretty much have narrowed the search down to tele's, I have played around with other guitars (the new DanE, gibson les pauls) and just like the tele

my budget is about $600 ( I could save longer if you guys have anything you want to push me to)

so please advise; I'm thinking a mexican made tele fits about what I'm going for
Links to guitars im considering:

PS I am really looking for standard tele's with the single coils, no humbuckers or anything else. I plan to have this guitar for a long time, anything that you dislike about tele's please share that here as well

Also one last thing I noticed walking around GC was there are two types of bridges on the telecasters that I saw:

and I want to know what you guys think of the two types, does it make a difference, I noticed on the teles 800+ had the first bridge, which didn't seem as versatile, but maybe it's just the original style? or maybe it is better, anyway tele owners and other experienced guitarists please advise

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the second bridge is for a humbucker, the first bridge is one of 2 (i believe) that are used when it has a single coil in the neck. the other type is a just a regular hard tail with 6 saddles and a separate mount ring for the bridge pup
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1) The Bridge with the raised edges and the 3 brass saddles is a vintage Tele bridge, which is what the original telecasters had. The edges are raise so that you could affix a bridge cover to it, but nobody used the bridge cover and people who had them removed then and eventually Fender switched to the modern style bridges (2nd pic), because they were easier to make, the six saddles were easier to intonate and were (arguably) more comfortable. Recently (past 10 years) the vintage style has grown in popularity, so Fender has begun offering them on more expensive models.

EDIT: The bottom one is also cut for a humbucker.

2) $300 for a used Standard Tele is pretty normal, I'd personally jump on one of the ones you've listed, but I won't be back in SLC for a couple of months. But the burden is really on you to drive out to these guitars and try them out. When you're dealing with the individual guitars, reviews and anecdotes only go so far. While none of the guitars you listed seem exceptionally out of place or overpriced, you have the final call on what you're going to get.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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I like the american one the best of the bunch. as much as mexican tele's are quite nice, an american one is better, hands down.

however, things like the classic player baja tele, american special tele, highway 1 tele and the roadworn (great guitars, if you can live with the look) can all be found in your pricerange. they are also all significantly different instruments.

another idea would be to look for a used G&L ASAT. after playing quite literally 100+ fender tele's, I ended up buying a G&L ASAT Classic and it is my absolute favorite guitar. they can be found used for around $700 and they are absolutely amazing instruments
You just described a Fender MIM (Standard) Telecaster.

Head down to a local GC and try one. They are $500 new, and they have the durability and quality of a higher end guitar.

Remember, its either made in Mexico, or in California by Mexicans; either way, its a great guitar and I think you'll have fun playing it.

Good luck.
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To clear things up about the bridges I was really going for the differences in saddles, I didn't notice that the second picture was of a humbucker bridge, I meant to post one with a single coil.

So is there any noticeable difference between the saddles? and I think I'll go for a mexican made tele, unless I find a great deal on an american.

anyway keep any comments coming, thanks
Danelectro 1959 reissue

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Music is just wiggly air. Accept it or leave it.

Also please visit this thread and help me tab out an album!!!
Part of the classic tele sound comes from the three brass saddles. I like the ones on my classic vibe and really don't think I'd ever want a tele with the six saddles. It just seems kind of odd to have that type of bridge on a telecaster.
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I like the american one the best of the bunch. as much as mexican tele's are quite nice, an american one is better, hands down.

I disagree. I've been GAS'ing for a Tele for some time now and the one that's really caught my eye (or hands) was MIM. But saying that, the worst ones I've played have also been MIM.

To the OP: I suggest you play many and most importantly play the one you're going to buy. If you buy one off the internet you'll probably love it at first because you've spent your money on it but it might not stand the test of time and you might well regret buying blind. Flaws on a guitar can add character and a personal touch to it and thus making you more attached to it. They can also make it a POS.