Hey ive been playing guitar for almost 2 years atm i have an Edwards LP and im thinking of buying a fender japanese strat to go with it. My amp is a Marshall 30 watt MG and since im hoping to join a band soon im hoping to upgrade to something new. My main genres are rock, blues and funk in the styles of led zeppelin, Lou reed, Bowie, RHCP, Parliament funkadelic, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and Jimi Hendrix

Thanks for your help pit XD
What's an amp pit?
Anyway, we need a budget.
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This is GG & A, not the pit.
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well, this isn't the pit.. and never ask in there if you want a serious answer to something guitar related..

on topic, look around at some Orange or Blackstar amps, they should do you well
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traynor ycv50b from thomann?
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No worries, but you should check out some Vox and Orange amps. You might check out the Vox VT series, they're modeling amps with built in effects and whatnot.
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