So i have a LTD ESP MH-1000 Deluxe, with a blocked floyd. It didnt have the right amount of sustain i wanted to, so i ordered a 42 mm sustain block (the old one was 34 mm. I got it today. It was the same thickness as the 34 mm, only a little taller. Is it meant to be this way? I always tought it was thicker. Thats what it was on the picture, and instructional vids i have seen. Can anybody please help me out?
yeah i think that size is the tallness. could be wrong. but that sounds about right.
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Height is correct. Width would mess with the range of the unit and would mess with the spring tension.

If you want more sustain out of a guitar with a Floyd then your only real option is to block it completely. Fill up every inch of the trem cavity at the back with wood and also fill in the space directly under the back of the bridge on the top of the guitar. A regularly blocked Floyd won't have any more sustain than a non-blocked one.