Ok, I got a gig this weekend and my amp wont be ready for it because its getting repair. The only thing that I could borrow now is a Fender Deville 2x12, the problem is that I play metal and this by itself wont do the job so can I connect a Boss GT 10 in it and use the tone of the GT 10 ? If yes, how should it be connected ?
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1. Plug your guitar into the GT10.
2. Plug the GT10 into the amp.


...Im meant where in the should it be connected, all I know is that the amp got preamp in and preamp out

sorry for the noob question, im not good with pedales >.<
Plug it into the pre amp in jack.
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ya im pretty sure guitar-GT10-power amp in would work better



just bypass the whole damn preamp
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I'd just put your GT-10 into the PA they're using.
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yeah probably. Or the circuits.