I'm looking for some good overdrive pedal that sounds like cranked tweed Champ. Any ideas, because I can't find any.
I play blues-rock and rock&roll.
The Catalinbread is probably one of the better ones, they make great amps-in-a-box. I just got a Greer Tone Smuggler and I don't really know if it was designed this way, but the first thing I thought when I plugged it in and turned it in was "cranked tweed amp".

...it was not the sound I was looking for
Thanks. Formula No 5 looks and sounds good but expensive.

@Roc8995 How much did you pay for that pedal and where did you buy it?

I can't find any of these pedals in Europe.
could mess around with a Fulltone Plimsoul on lower gain settings, may or may not work.

Low side OCD does Fendery sound, but it may not be exactly Champ. The Fulltones sound better with 18v adapters.

Tech21 Blonde does Tweed for sure, and is usually well rated. You could check youtubes on these.