Hi all and thanks for reading,

I come from Christchurch, NZ and as some of you may be aware we have had a few thousand earthquakes (Literally! It's over 4500 in the last 10 months.) I am looking at replacing some of my broken gear with a Jet City amp head (JCA22H, when it's released) and a Blackheart BH112 cab. The set up will be used at home as a practice rig for a beginner.

The question is, how should I go about ensuring the head doesn't fall from the cab in the event of another disaster? I don't want to have to pack and unpack everything every time I want to use it. I was thinking about screwing metal mounting brackets from the cab to the head but wondered if this would degrade sound quality as it would be putting 3 or 4 screw holes on each side of the cab.

Has anyone else secured their gear in a similar fashion? Does anyone have any good ideas?

I'm open to any opinions and suggestions.
who said the head had to be on top of the cab? you couls put it on the side of it. no falling danger and no extra work or mods!
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you could spend some extra dough and get a road case for the entire setup. it's kind of overkill but itll ensure that nothing happens to the head or cab in the event of a gigantic earth shaker.
Yeah, you could just put it on the floor next to the cab.

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I think the best idea so far is to move the head off the cab. A 6ft speaker lead will be more than enough to leave the head in a place that is safe.

Second thought, what sort of effect would a computer placed near an amp head have on noise/feedback? I'm assuming it would be little to none, but best to ask.
I'm pretty set on getting a tube head. It probably is the best option in general, but not for my applications