I need a vocalist who can growl[highs/lows or both]/scream/ etc. for one of my songs

I've written the chorus and half of a verse, and I could use help in finishing the lyrics.

When it's finished I'll credit whoever helps, everywhere I upload it.

Endogenous Wake is the name of the song, it's currently on my profile.

So get a taste of it, and pm me or reply to this if you want to be some help.

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Not gonna lie, that's a pretty killer track. If only I had a way to record vocals, I'd give it a shot. Mind posting the lyrics you have so far?
yeah, they're in the songs description. not finished with them, though
I'd be down to do this for you dude. I can do highs/lows and mids. The lows are something like The Black Dahlia Murder's lows, mids are like Trivium style and highs are a style that I can't put a band to somewhat describe.

If you're into this I'll do it for you as I have a decent recording setup at the moment and would love to do it.
I'd like to help finish of the lyrics, however i can't get onto the description right now so if you want me to do it, PM me
I'd love to help do some finishing touches on the lyrics, or just review it. If I can get ahold of my friend with the recording stuffs, I'd love to attempt singing as well. I've been itching to get some reviews on it.
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