My band, Amasa, is seeking a bassist to play with. We play metalcore with a very wide variety of outside genre influences, namely grindcore and thrash influences. Most of our stuff is more on the melodic side, however.

We are located in the St. Clair County area in Michigan. We are seeking a bassist of intermediate to advanced skill; however, a beginners level of skill with an advanced knowledge of technique, and writing lines for bass is welcome as well.

Please let your name, top 4 influences, skill level, and contact information (any type you prefer) on this thread and I will respond when I get them.


This band has been together about a 2 months and we already have a 6 song setlist created (Including 1 cover; and this will be the material included in our demo album, which we will begin recording soon) with bass parts already written.

We still need a bassist to jump on board, who will preferably help write bass lines with us on new material.

Gig-ready equipment is preferred, but not necessarily mandatory (but will be soon).

Still need a bassist. We're currently undergoing a drummer change at the moment, so getting a bassist in at this point would be great.