Just curious about your experiences when you first open your guitars case. Feel free to share anything you want. Looks, smells, sounds, feels, anything that you like about those first ten seconds.

My favorite thing is opening up my case and the woody smell of cedar floats up to my nose.

What is your favorite thing?
I recently got my first classical guitar. Kremona Orpheus Valley Rondo, left handed, cutaway, A/E, made in Bulgaria. Smelled like heaven. Played like butter. Sniff SNiff SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Mmmmmmm.
I don't have a classical/acoustic guitar but I have a case for one. I like to curl up in it and hide there.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes to smell their guitars. I catch myself opening the case even when I'm not gonna play just to get a whiff.
i rarely use my case because i dont travel, but man it smells great! still smells new after a few years now, ive only used it like 4 times.. lol
but every time i do its like opening a new car. and she looks so pretty and snug inside =D

of course, thats the artcore... my bass case has never been used, and my appl-artin case is held together by random metal pieces and gorilla glue, and the handle is a shoe lace wrapped in electrical tape... when i open that one i think of high school
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