Give Din_of_win a pm. I believe he owns a t-20 and several other peavey's.
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it looks interesting, id play it for metalcore lol looks like you could get a sick distortion out of wiring that pickup out of phase lol that's just me though
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I own a peavey t-40,so similiar,but with some nicer pick-ups.
First things first,this thing is HEAVY.I don't know how I keep it up sometimes at gigs,but with all that weight there,there's plenty of meat to really dig into.
I'm no metalhead,but I don't think a T-40 would really suit metalcore.Not sure about the T-20,I've never played one,but the big body and big bridge provide a very full tone that muddies very easily.Not something I could imagine would work well in metalcore.You might want to look into more neutral sounding basses,perhaps made of something like basswood.
The out of phase feature certainly isn't as great as it seams,definantly not for a 'sick distortion sound'.
And if you want to see a t-20 in action,check a band called Violent Soho.
Great Australian grunge revival sorta band.
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I DO own a Peavey T-20, and i have owned the other T-series basses as well... the T-40 and T-45, respectively; as well as a Fury and a Foundation, both of which, the T-20 is more like than the T-40/45.

While the T-40/45 are pretty simmilar, the T-20 is a COMPLETELY different beast. So, don't use any reviews of a T-40/45 thinking the same holds true to the T-20.

That said:

I LOVE the T-20. Of the three, it's the only one i've kept around (To be honest, i think the T-45 is THEE best of the T-series, but mine broke and i parted it out. I think the T-40 is way overrated, not bad, but not as great as it's lauded.). It's got a rather heavy and very solid Ash body. It's bridge is VERY beefy, and is not string-through (like the T-40/45 are). The neck is pretty damn wide too. Very much on the chunkier P bass side of things. All-in-all, it's more-or-less a P bass. It has your standard tone/vol knobs, and unlike the T-40/45 it has clover 'fender style' tuners.

Now... the elephant in the room is the odd pickup. THIS is what makes the T-20 awesome and different. It's a Peavey-specific 'Super Ferrite' pickup that were only used on a few models in the 80's and early 90's. It sounds amazing (to me) and is a rather hot pickup. It also has its own characteristics that differentiate it from a normal P... i describe it as a bit more 'growly'. The T-20's pickup also has an awesome lil' ring around it with an integrated thumb rest, making it pretty damn comfortable to play with fingers.

Now, if i had it my way... i'd probably trade my T-20 for a 1st edition Peavey Fury. The Fury is mainly known as one of the better copies of the Fender P, with the basic split-p setup. But, for the first year (or two?) of the Fury's life, it was essentially a re-tooled T-20. From what i've heard, it has a lighter and more ergodynamic body (read: more comfortable) while still keeping the awesome slanty Super Ferrite Pickup. Also, if you DO like the super ferrites and want more of a Jazz setup, than a P setup... look into a Peavey Foundation. These had the Super Ferrites in jazz placement.

Now, i've always said any bass can play any genre. So, i don't see why it couldn't play metalcore. Shoot... i filled in for a while playing my T-20 in the early 00's for a band that played what we considered metalcore (Botch/Cave In/Undertow/Turmoil/Breather Resist). I have no idea what 'metalcore' sounds like today, but i couldn't see why a T-20 couldnt handle it.

Also, if you plan on doing any lower tunings, the T-20 has huge bridge barrels that you can adjust string height with.... if you DO need to ajust the truss rod, just know it takes a Gibson-style hex-wrench, and not just a simple allen.

Love my T-20:
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God damnit Din I want a T-20 now thanks for the GAS. LOL
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God damnit Din I want a T-20 now thanks for the GAS. LOL

Luckily, the T-20's are on the cheaper end of things when it comes to used US Peaveys...

I see them on the reg. in the $150-$250 range, and this is often times WITH the OHSC. Also keep a look out for the Early Fury which looks like a T-20... thay're a bit rare-er, but are usually priced the same. They're a bit more comfortable and they had a MUCH larger selection of stock color options than the T-20.
"Punk Rock should mean freedom, liking and accepting anything that you like, as sloppy as you want, as long as it's good and has passion."