Sounds out key and does not really complement the song from what I can tell. Try investing into a tubescreamer, I use an Ibanez tubescreamer TS9X (LOVE IT), it really helps when playing this kind of music! Learn to feel the notes and stay within key of the song and don't focus on the scales, but focus on the sound and how it works with the song. Remember you are painting a picture with music, you want to balance it well.

Check out my track here:

Keep rocking on dude!
Thanks man.
You know I've been told this before (that I'm out of key) and I'm honestly out of ideas. My guitars in tune and well intonated. Even when I use notes that fit the backing track it seems out of tune. I mean playing ability and musicality aside, it should sound in key... What the hell.
Hehe it takes lot of practice dude. Gotta develop that sharp ear to KNOW when you're out of key. Once you have that then it helps you build your skills. Ill try to provide some of my approach and how I do it sometime.

Also wouldn't mind doing a video instruction to give you the visual/audio support to help you progress and be in key. During the weekend perhaps. One thing to keep in mind is i'm completely self taught, been playing for like 3 years or so, so my technique/approach may seem different, but just to show what works for me!
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Thanks man, I'd appreciate it. That's my main problem it seems, I've got no ear for music... It seems in key to me! I know my scales, know how to derive a key from a progression and understand chord tones (though not always follow them), got a good vocabulary of arpeggios... I'm just stuck.
Yeah, out of key is exactly what I was thinking. Are you playing using scales? So for a D minor backing track, use the D Minor Pentatonic scale...
Yeah, I'm using scales. Just the standard E natural minor over a simple E minor backing track. Actually most of what I'm playing here is just some pentatonics with arpeggios.

That's the backing track
If you look at what frets and stuff I'm playing, 90% of it is in the scale (few PURPOSEFUL accidentals here and there)
ok cool! THERE IS SOME NOTES that have a found a new FREE WAY OF BEING and many will tell you they are out of KEY. Maybe these are the notes you really enjoy ! If you do not though, listen and find out what is odd about this and maybe brush up on key stuff. ONE NEVER NEEDS TO JUSTIFY THEIR MUSIC if only it is the music they really do FEEL AND ARE NOT JUST BEING SNOOTY! Good work man, it's really nice to hear someone on the clean setting just having some fun. VERY NICE GOOD JOB!!!!

Show da luv bruv!

Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
I do enjoy what I'm playing, however as a musician, when you hear loads of other people say that they have a very different opinion on your music, it kind of kills the joy of it...