I've been working on improving my voice for the past several weeks via CDs, but I need feedback from someone who isn't me :-).

Basically, I think my voice sounds too nasal or harsh when I record it. It sounds great in my head, but obviously that's pretty subjective.

If you could take a quick listen to this clip (one minute) and give me your honest feedback, as well as any tips for improving, I would appreciate it a lot!


Try to breathe from deeper, to me it sounds like you're not using your full chest voice... you'll get more power, resonance and much better tone using your chest voice properly in that range.
Yes, it does sound nasally, however it sounds it may be easily correctable. This is how my voice sounded a month ago before I started lessons and singing an hour plus a day. Over time with practice and guidance, you find a technique that makes your voice sound less nasally such as what Ultra2876 is suggesting.

I've got my higher notes sounding more clean now, but my lower notes sound nasally as well. It's something I'm actively trying to correct in the coming weeks.

Good luck!
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Often times, nasal sounding voices are the result of aiming the voice incorrectly.

If you aim the voice too far forward and upward - like towards the nose - it will sound nasal.

If you aim the voice too far backwards into the soft palate and your throat is not lifted sufficiently, it will also sound nasal.

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I know it sounds crazy, but try to learn to inhale your voice. www.thebelcantotechnique.com

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