Today I realized just how awesome muscle memory is.

I was playing around with my guitar right now and all of a sudden I hit a note that reminds me of an exercise I did last year. I stopped doing it last year too. But, when I hit that note I remembered how it sounded. The quickly I started remembering the notes to the exercise. And within a minute I could play it VERY quickly even faster than I used to be able to!

But here's the cool bit. When I was LOOKING straight at my left hand trying to finger the notes, it didn't work. But when I looked away or closed my eyes I let my "muscle memory" do it's work and I instantly got it!

Anyone have any similar stories?
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Muscle memory is good, but my actual memory is shocking sometimes which causes conflicts. Like when I'm driving and I think I'm in 4th, so my hand goes to where it knows the gear stick is when the car is in 4th, but it's actually in 5th and I miss and look like a complete dickhead.




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One time when I was playing frisbee, a frisbee was thrown my way. Someone gave me a heads up so I noticed a brightly colored object coming towards me. It was too fast for me a actually register that it was a frisbee at that point. My arms automatically go into a defensive position (covering my lower body and face) while turning my body. The frisbee deflected off my arms, all the goods protected.
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Yeah, now my fingers curl without me thinking about it.
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Your muscles weaken when your mind knows its thinking something that is not fact

On tests, if you cant decide which equation to use, just extend your fingers straight out and think "I solve this problem with this equation" and if your fingers give, its not the right one

It also makes for a cool little lie detector
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I hadn't played The Rain Song in years and kind of forgot the ending, but I just played through the whole song and the ending just came out on its own without me even thinking about it.
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Well this one time this really fat lady shat on my penis.

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