This thread may have been done already but hey ho, **** it.

I'm just wondering if any of you have a bucket list (things to do before you die). If you do it'll be cool to share the items aswell as any experiences you've had checking them off.

Here's mine which I keep on a little scrap sheet of paper in my wallet:
1) Visit Canada, France & Iceland.
2) Learn French, German & Icelandic.
3) Skydive and basejump at least once each.
4) Car joust (exactly what it sounds like).
5) Fast food tour of America.
6) Work towards a job as Detective or Forensic Psychologist.
7) Record my own music and distribute for free.
8) Have a band to gig with.
9) Make a really bitchin' custom guitar.
10) Write a screenplay.
11) Find someone that makes me believe in true love. The kind you get in the songs and movies.

As for my progress, it's not much. I've started learning French this summer and I'm tryna get a job to scrounge some money for recording gear and the ingredients to make a guitar. I've already done one build which turned out okay but I wouldn't say "bitchin'".

Now you go.

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I will say the same thing I said on the last one and the one before that. 2 chicks at the same time.
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I will say the same thing I said on the last one and the one before that. 2 chicks at the same time.

First thing that came to my mind when I read "Bucket list".

My BL:

-Learn German, Italian
-Go to Italy, Japan, L.A., Boston, Chicago
-Live In NY
-Play in a successful band (Successful = anything past garage band)
-3some with 2 chicks at least twice
-Fall in true love with a great woman
-Tell Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck that they're idiots, or outwit them
-Meet Jeff Loomis or John Petrucci
-Get Jeff or John to sign my arm, get signature tattooed within the next few hours
-Vote for a President that wins the election(woot)

There's probably more less theatrical things out there on my list.
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things i'd like to do:

1. Emma Watson
2. Emma Watson
3. Emma Watson
4. Emma Watson
5. Emma Waston
6. teach everyone to use the searchbar

eh, that last one won't ever happen, so i'm crossing it out.
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heres mine

-use the search bar
-recording an album
-get a band
-learn to sing as great as Freddie Mercury
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1 - Not die.

That's my list.
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