Hey guys,
I have two pedels at the moment, Boss Metal Zone and Boss Overdrive/Distortion. Whats the best settings for either pedel? Because I cant find any settings I like. I like the Avenged Sevenfold's sound. I also like A Day to Remember and All Time Low's sound

Thanks!! -Turner
It depends a lot on you, your amp, how your tone volume knobs are tuned on your guitar, etc. The Boss pedals are just fine. In my many years of sucking at guitar I've learned that its more about the player than the tools. Well unless you have a MG.
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Sell both pedals, or burn them(preferably) and get something like a .......

Typical Metal Zone/Boss response here.

Try to get your amp as clean sounding as possible and go from there. Knowing what amp you have would be helpful but beware. If it's not a good amp, the typical response here is "Get a new amp". Just forewarning you.