OK. So me and my cosuin were practicing Wear ever I May Roam, and my distortion kept cutting in an out. I tried three different cable's( cable's are brand new ) an it still cut out so i thought it was my battery in my hellraiser, no the battery is good until it just hit me. When I would shake the guitar a little the battery would rattle like it's not in the battery holder tight enough. So I came to a conclusion that the battery is lose an that's why my distortion cut's out. How do I fix this???
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^ You could try that.

It also wouldn't hurt to check the wires/connection of your input jack.
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The jack on my amp or guitar? I used a piece of cardboard to hold it in there.
Ok. I unscrewed my jack from my guitar an tugged on it, it don't feel like there is any loose wiring cause when I pulled it was reall snug almost like I pulled it out the wires would rip apart. So now I'm lost again.
Dude........ amp.... I mean if its an effect, it isnt an issue with the guitar itself, only if its cutting the sound is it gonna be the guitar.
Well like I said when I shake the guitar I can hear the battery move around an the distortion cuts in an out. Like when it cuts out it sounds like my clean channel an then if I move a certain way it will come back.
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Well I used a piece of cardboard an it's still doing it, but the jack on my amp does come loose but never did this before.