hey guys, it's been a while since i've posted here, and i figured I should start getting into the habit of coming on here more often

remember that phone chat we had the other day?
i made witty comments that flew over your head
about phonomena such as the contrast between the sky,
and the horizon when the sun sets much too late.
you didn't mumble an agreement of any sort,
simply mentioning a preference for your last day on earth,
the summer solstice.
you wanted your end to be slow and pleasant.

i would say to you,
let's go to the soccer field (that wasn't really a field).
we can lie down like two mad lovers
with little regard for the slow, deliberate shattering
of the streetlights above us, and the sky below.
the adorable messiness of the field will diffuse
into the snarling imperfections of the shattered sky

it will be right there,
on that hill where we contemplated unimportant things
(like our marraige and such)
that we may finally meet.
an oil painting of another oil painting,
so perfect, and untouchable, and beautifully identical;
and the sillouette of the purest child
made by streeghtlights and no knowledge of love

i may not be allowed to touch you
but maybe i can hold you while we fall into this field
falling so fast as to evaporate through the bottom
That was beautiful. I liked the remark about "witty comments that flew over your head"... i've been there.