I have made a few threads in the past about amps, but i have decided i'm going to go with an a/b setup. 1 cabinet and two amp heads with a radial headbone switch. The reason for this is i mainly play two genres. Metalcore and Indie. So i want a good high gain head and a good head for cleans. I already know what i want for the high gain, a Peavey 6505. But i don't know what i want for the clean stuff. I also need a cabinet that can take the high gain stuff and sound good clean. I'm think about just getting the peavy 6505 half stack set because it would be cheaper, but will the peavey 6505 cabinet sound good clean? Please give me some good recommendations for a clean sounding head and cabinet that sounds good clean but can handle high gain.

Budget - Doesn't matter too much, looking around the 1000 range but don't hold back if you have something higher.

Genres - I actually am either playing metalcore, djent, metal, or i'm playing softer stuff like folk and indie. (i know i have conflicting music interests lol)

New or Used - New, but doesn't matter that much.

Home or Gig - Gig, but i am at home right now, will be gigging in the near future.

Closest City - Dayton, Ohio

Current Gear - Ibanez RG120, Line 6 Spider III( ), Digitech RP355, Boss DS-1, and a Deltalab Tube Overdrive. Will soon be getting an 8 string from rondo music though, and a new 6 from them too.
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I have a query... if you're gonna go for something at extremes... why are you not looking at modeling amps?

Me thinks you won't get particularly far getting 2 average amps for $1000 total.

Why not consider things like the Vypyr Tube, Spider Valve MkII, Vetta? They can definitely do the tones you're looking for.
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maybe you could find a Roland JC60 or JC120 for cleans. they are rather sterile but a love hate thing i saw a JC60 on CL here for like $250 yesterday IIRC. it is a combo though.

as far as the 6505, if you go used you can find way better amps for brootz in the range. i bought a Splawn promod for $1050, and a Splawn Nitro for $1300, they slay the 6505, the promod is a little different flavor, but the Nitro is got that heavy low mid hit ya in the nuts feel to it.

thats my $.02 though.