What type of effect pedal do I need to play Kryptonite and which brand would you recommend?

I'm new to guitar.....
You need a decent tubed amp, an overdrive pedal(TS808 tube screamer is a really popular/reliable one, as is the boss OD-3), and a chorus pedal(I've never owned one since I have an mfx kit, but I'm sure somebody else could help you with that.
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what guitar and amp do you have? its impossible to know how to help you without knowing what you have already

oh, and whats your budget (I could suggest some $350 pedals, but you may not want to spend that)
OP, it's a distortion and Chorus from what I here.

Don't get fooled, you don't need the exact effects they use, if you don't want to/can't afford too.
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