Hi everyone!
I'm interested in making my own solid body guitar, but i have a question.
I have some good quality mahogany wood but it's too short for a 1-piece guitar. So i was wondering if i could just glue 2 pieces together or what? what kind of stuff do i need? And how can i make it last for a very long time? or is there any other way i can put the 2 pieces together?
Make it a Bolt-On. no Glue. Just my opinion. (Not Glue Fan).
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you don't really want any glue joins across the center column of the guitar, so if the piece isn't long enough you can cut a piece off the edge to either make yourself a set neck or a bolt on and use the rest to make a 2 piece body, bolt on is your better option as set necks generally require a top on top of the body
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