Wedding is the most important thing in one’s whole life, everything must be perfect. So, when you plan a wedding, you should pay attention to many things, not only thewholesale wedding dresses or other wedding apparel, and many other things, and to make your wedding day perfect, there are some great tips that can help you along the way. Be sure that you are on the right track by checking out these dos and don'ts for planning a 2011 wedding.

Choose a Theme or Motif Around Which to Plan. Having a general direction will help you make all of your key wedding decisions. Perhaps an enchanted forest theme is more your style. Then you would know to choose reception decorations in woodsy shades of green and brown. And if you were planning a Roaring '20s wedding, you could choose vintage style chandelier earrings for your bridesmaid jewelry gifts and set up your cocktail hour to resemble a Jazz Age speakeasy. There is no need to slavishly follow a theme, just use it as a springboard for the overall style of your wedding.

Add Personal Touches to Your Ceremony. Your wedding ceremony will be far more meaningful and memorable if you incorporate special details from your life into it. Maybe you would like to carry a bouquet which is a replica of your mother's wedding flowers. Or perhaps your grandfather is a minister who can officiate the service. Or another idea is to decorate the aisle with a custom made aisle runner, complete with your wedding motif or monogram.

Dress Your Bridesmaids Like Clones. Weddings are all about personal expression these days, and that even includes the bridesmaids. There is nothing that says that your wedding party needs to dress exactly alike or even wear the same color dress. It's nice if the group of bridesmaids looks cohesive and is dressed in a similar style (classic, eclectic, modern, etc.), but they should be allowed to show off their individual style as well.

Bore Guests With Your Dinner Menu. Food has become a big deal at weddings, and woe to the bride who serves the standard beef or dried out chicken for dinner. People expect to find interesting and delicious food at a wedding reception these days. That could range from culinary masterpieces created by an innovative chef to tasty down home comfort food to authentic regional dishes. The food doesn't have to be fancy, but it does need to be creative and crowd pleasing.

Wish your big day perfect!
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