MIPS Technologies Inc. and the king is IC announced that cooperation will have code-named "Honeycomb" king of Android 3.0 is IC new JZ4770 for mobile applicationsprocessor, which uses a 1GHz in high frequency MIPS-Based · XBurst · CPU.Honeycomb for the Tablet PC and other products designed to the latest version of theAndroid operating system. MIPS is IC will work closely with the king, the king isHoneycomb ported to the Tablet PC solution.
The new JZ4770 SoC is the first frequency in excess of 1GHz MIPS-Based Mobile SoC, one can meet with the Tablet PC and other multimedia applications and featureshigh-performance equipment, increasing demand. JZ4770 is used MIPS32TM Jun is ICarchitecture for mobile latest low power platform. Prior to this, the company's solution has been the Cruz Velocity Micro Tablet PC smart phones and TCL's used. TCL is aconsumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances worldwide leaderand technology innovator.
MIPS Technologies' vice president of marketing and business development, said Art Swift: "As the MIPS increasingly popular in the mobile market, we are very pleased towork closely with the king is IC, the first MIPS-Based Smartphone and Tablet PCsolutions solutions to market. the king is offering a new type of integrated circuit chips,MIPS application processor will raise the status of the mobile market to a new level. Jun is IC validation and other innovative MIPS MIPS architecture, customers will be the next generation another smart mobile devices an ideal choice. "
Beijing is IC Co., Ltd. Jun Liu Qiang, Chairman and CEO, said: "We have with MIPS-based design in the Chinese market has achieved remarkable success and our new MIPS-Based mobile application processor with ultra-low power, small silicon area, andhighly integrated features, the market is extremely competitive solutions and we willcontinue to work with MIPS Technologies to build the MIPS architecture-based mobileecosystem, and look forward to in the Chinese market and other regions more successful.
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