Mudanjiang YORK, May 31 News May 30, Mudanjiang Guang-Pu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. one of two production lines into production. As an IC (integrated circuit chip) high-tech enterprise, "General optical light" district, marks the northeastregion of the first built in LED production base. The base will bring the city to attract andsemiconductor lighting, biotechnology and other downstream industries, and graduallyestablish a complete industrial chain of LED.

City leaders Kang Zhiwen, Ning Tiefu attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

According to reports, "General optical light," Green Asia from Taiwan Cheng Xin Electronics Group and a joint venture of Taiwan was established in October 2010,settled in the city zone. "Light Pu Optoelectronics" adopted a phased constructionapproach, in which an investment of 50 million, has now completed two production lines,the main products of LED lighting products are mainly used in industrial, commerciallighting, decorative lighting and light bulbs and other fields. As the first high-tech enterprise located in the IC zone, "General optical light," the next step will be to establishcore technology R & D in the city center and R & D base, focusing on the development of embedded smart sensors LED lamps. Item three is expected to completed in 2015,"Light Pu Optoelectronics" will be the Far East IC (M57161L-01R ) industry leader, holdsthe Russian Far East, Northeast and 30 percent market share, sales revenue of 3 billion yuan, profits and taxes 1 billion yuan.

Municipal Committee, vice mayor Kang Zhiwen said that the development of greenlighting is to encourage and support key national projects, but also focus on the development of the city to support the project. "Light Pu Optoelectronics" lightingproduction line construction project, marking the introduction of high-tech development zones in the project has taken a welcome step. I believe that with the next step of the R & D team settled, Mudanjiang will attract and stimulate the development ofsemiconductor lighting and other downstream industries. Development zones and relevant departments should cooperate around to really sincere, perfect service, mutual benefit and development of this line of thought, effort to build a good development for the enterprise environment, as always, support the "common optical light," to grow.
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