Well It seems that I'm a sorry fool
I've turned up late to worden school
where all the people go an' try
to get their marks before they die

Reception bleats "for goodness sake
you've only gone and lost your break -
now take this slip and bounce to class"
I said "excuse me miss, you but can kiss my ass
- Then I carried on walkin'...

In isolation once again
I found myself a book 'n' pen
the words of which were cold as night
and carried such a wicked fright
- some words I couldn't bare to write

Though the ink had many a tale to tell
for all my luck there went the bell
so I grabbed my things and headed forth
to a foreign land up further north
- they call it the french room
now I don't speak much french

I sat round the table leanin' back
With Adam, Ben, Louiese and Jack
When the teacher cried "Sit on your chair!"
in isolation it just aint fair...
- but you already knew that

Three hours passed and I woke up groggy
in an empty room all cold 'n' foggy
when I saw a man all covered in cream
and I soon found out that it was only a dream
- thank god for that
or who whoever else...

Well the fire alarm awoke my smile
so I ran downstairs, it had been a while
but the smile had drove my head insane
as I walked outside 'n' into the rain
- It was a cold afternoon

Now I've been down 'n' up 'n' out
across the yard and round about
but all I learned was soon forgot
in Worden school my time did rot
- I wouldn't go there if I was you