ive been learning guitar with my freind and were at a novice/intermediaate level now i think, weve tryed jamming and coming up with our stuff but we just dot have the talent or ability yet lol

i was hoping someone could recommend some good tabs for 2 guitars we could learn play then start improvising on and build ourselves up from there

not sure your level so these might be too hard right now, but not overly difficult with some practice.

thrice - t and c (or T n C) regular version is great but theres an unplugged version as well that IMO is better

Hopesfall - End of an era, Far pavillions - 2 of my fav all time songs. check out other songs as well. they use 2 guitars and alot of parts are similar but in diff octaves and what not so its not like one of you is just playing power chords or rythem all the time.