i know ashdown is bass amplification but my friend has a spare cab he's willing to lend me for my band's tour and i'm just wondering if it's specifically for bass or whether it'll do no damage to use it as a standard guitar cab?
Most people will say it's fine. I'm not so sure. The frequency response of Ashdown speakers isn't too good in the treble range for a guitar. So to get decent volume out of it for solos you'll need to EQ it a lot and probably put more power through than they're supposed to take at those frequencies. I've had to replace speakers in my Ashdown 410 after playing guitar through it at parties for extended periods at decent volume. So basically it'll be fine for practising but if you're gigging you'll want guitar speakers.
Oh, if it's a 412 it's a guitar cab, they do make a few (or at least they used to, not sure if they still do) - pretty sure Ashdown have never made a 412 bass cab - they do 8", 10" and 15" bass speakers if I remember correctly
ah right! so chances are it's probably a guitar cab anyway?
he doesn't know a lot about it haha he got it by chance :')
thanks a lot though man!