So, I will probably be looking into getting some new headphones to play on my practice amp with. I've currently got a pair of wireless that are alright, but the quality isn't that great and I'm looking for something that's actually meant to plug into my amp. I'd prefer wireless, but I'm also trying to keep the cost down. Probably between $80-120. What would you guys recommend?
Any FRFR monitor headphones should do the trick.
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I know you said you'd prefer wireless but if you decide that you want to save some money I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 205's that I use with my Boss GT-5 and they work pretty well. I think I got 'em for $60 new. They aren't the best of the best but they will work for practice and if you want to save some cash.
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do not use open heapdhone .. specially any type made for Home theater use . My sennheiser HD 500 ( 150 $ ) just sounded wrong into anything ive plugged into .. my sony mdr 200 sounded better ( 30 ).

choose close heapdhone and studio /dj headphone .. the one for music purpose and not home theater .

second point .. as discussed before .. if you amp heapdhone output suck ( if you have a modeler which the speaker simulation suck .. eveything will always suck . )

roland micro cube /cube , peavey vypyr 30 have shi**y heapdhone output .

POd /behringer v-amp 2 sound good .

make sure your multi effect have a good specker /cabinet simulator .. the better it is , the better it will sound through heapdhone .

After years of trying .. my rocktron voodu valve has the best speaker simulation /cab sim .. ive heard . best unit to play through headphone .

so new heapdhone might help you .. but if the speaker sim suck . having the 300 $ headphone wont help .
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