This isn't too difficult but I wanted to make a cover of a Lady Gaga song that wasn't Bad Romance or any over done cover. I'm really pleased with it. Please watch and tell me what you think! Thanks

Teeth - Lady Gaga

Please don't put "UG FTW" comments on it though otherwise they will be deleted.
Are you kiddin'? Can't get enough of Lady Gaga round these parts!

But I do honestly try to avoid mainstream music as often as I can, because one way or another I'm going to end up hearing what everyone else is... Now with the video...

If you REALLY wanted it to sweat 'guitar' then I think you should have played a solo or something. I've seen this done that way live (on the telly of course). Your rhythm playing is totally sold, and your tone is frighteningly good, so no problems there.

I'm starting to like this song more and more now actually, Peace out dude.