So I purchased a Ceriatone Vibro Champ clone last month off a local guy. The only problem is the amp enclosure is absolutely massive for such a small amp.


It's sat next to my Fender Deluxe Reverb so you can appreciate the size of the thing. The second pic is of the actual amp bit and as you can see it's small.

Now I was originally going to build a replacement cab myself. I'm going to be buying a new 10" speaker for it (the current one is 12"). However having done some research into cabinet builds it would seem that I don't have enough experience/equipment to be doing this myself just yet. I reckon it would be more cost effective for someone else to make me one up.

Now the companies who do this in the UK seem to have ridiculous prices, to the point where I might as well buy all the equipment I need to do it, build it and sell the stuff on when I'm done. I'd rather not have to go down either of these routes though.

Long story short, I'm looking for someone in the UK who would be able/willing to do a decent Champ clone build.

I'm looking for something like this:


I would've posted this in the Gear Ads but for the fact that this is not really an ad, I'm looking for maybe someone to point me in the right direction, offer to build, or just give some friendly advice.

Thanks GB&C
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So eh listen mate, what country are you from? Lol jk.

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Cabinet builds aren't as hard as you think. You should deffo give it a try
@jecox ssssoooo ssweeeet that whole set up is so sweet. If I had any distortion/delay setup it would be the akai headrush and BM. Awesome set up.